Acana Grasslands Cat Food, 1.8 kg


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Brand: Acana


  • promote your cat’s peak development and conditioning
  • diet rich and varied in fresh whole meats with smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables
  • guaranteed to keep your cat healthy, happy and strong

Package Dimensions: 84x232x1800

Release Date: 27-10-2017

Details: Product Description Kentucky is home to lush grasslands, where farms and ranches benefit from long summers and fertile soils. Reflecting Kentucky, ACANA Grasslands features a richly nourishing variety of fresh local lamb, free-run duck, whole eggs and freshwater fish. Brimming with goodness and taste, meats are delivered FRESH or RAW daily, in Whole Prey ratios to guarantee locked-in nutrients. ACANA Grasslands rich inclusions of meat, fish and game mirror your cat’s evolutionary diet and promote peak health without long lists of synthetic supplements and additives. Ingredients local lamb, free-run duck, whole eggs and freshwater fish Box Contains Dry Food

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