Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food 11.4kg


Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food 11.4kg

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Brand: Acana


  • 50% free-run chicken, free-run turkey, nest-laid eggs, and herring oil
  • 50% fresh fruits, vegetables & botanicals
  • Acana Prairie Poultry is made in Canada
  • Ingredients from trusted, local sources delivered fresh every time
  • Processed and sourced from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients

Package Dimensions: 143x531x11640

Details: Acana Classics Formula Dog Food inspiration and ingredients come from Western Canada’s vast prairies, Pacific waters, and local ranches which provide quality, regional sources always delivered fresh without preservatives and never frozen. This creates a biologically appropriate, protein-rich formula with a variety of meats, just as nature intended! Not to mention the local fruits & vegetables are delivered fresh and fit for human consumption. These high-protein, low-glycemic formulas are free of GMO’s, added water, tapioca, and potatoes to give your dog only the best quality ingredients. ABOUT ACANA PRAIRIE POULTRY DOG FOOD As for Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food, this food features ingredients such as Free-Run Chicken, Free-Run Turkey, whole nest-laid eggs, and sun-ripened fruits and vegetables from British Columbian farms. This food is free of high-glycemic carbohydrate sources and instead uses high quality alternatives such as Alberta steel-cut oats, whole peas, and whole lentils. The recipe is infused with Omega-3 Fatty Acids from wild-caught New Brunswick Herring for luxuriant, healthy skin & coat. This food is unmatched with its regional and fresh ingredients from Canada’s best to create a top quality food that will keep your dog healthy and happy! ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Biologically Appropriate Formula – Ingredients and nutrients for the body to absorb easily and readily Low-Glycemic Carbohydrate Sources – Causes blood sugar to rise less over longer periods of time 100% Regionally-Sourced Ingredients – Delivered fresh every day from trusted local sources Rich and diverse in protein – 50% free-run chicken, free-run turkey, nest-laid eggs, and herring oil Fresh and local fruits, vegetables & botanicals – 50% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals that come from trusted, local sources delivered fresh every time Promotes Optimal Skin and Coat Condition – Each bite of ACANA Prairie Poultry is rich in marine-source Omega 3 (DHA, EPA) from wild-caught New Brunswick herring

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