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Acana Puppy & Junior Heritage – Trial Size – 340g


In stock


In stock

Brand: Acana

Package Dimensions: 65x154x388

Details: Acana knows exactly what your puppy needs to grow properly. Acana recognises the need for your puppy to eat a diet rich in meats, fats and vitamins to stay at the peak of health, vitality and immunity. Acana Puppy & Junior is packed with Grade A local eggs, protein-rich free-run Cobb chicken, and wild-caught flounder from North Vancouver Island. Loaded with 20% of fruits and vegetables from Okanagan Valley, Acana ensures a balanced and healthy diet for your puppy. Fit for human consumption, this has passed the most rigorous freshness tests, whilst the marine-source Omega 3 keeps your puppy looking fresh on the outside. …

UPC: 064992500344

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