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Bomberman 2 (NDS)


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In stock

Release Date: 13/02/2009
As a shining example of how a simple idea can produce the most engrossing games – The Nintendo DS is the perfect platform to further enhance that reputation and Bomberman 2 builds on the success of the first Bomberman on DS by dramatically improving virtually all elements of the new game.
The premise is simple – your character has the ability to drop bombs that have a set blast radius and anything destructible caught in the explosion is destroyed. Initially this could be blocks that you need to move to access the entire level, but ultimately your rival characters are the ones you need to destroy to win!
Both the single and multiplayer modes have had an extensive makeover. The Mission Game (single player) offers players the chance to boost the attributes of their character and customize their Bomberman, who can then be imported into the Versus Mode to compete against two, three or four friends.
Battle Game supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and allows up to four players online and up to eight players locally via a single cartridge to join in the hectic bomb-laying action. 50 battle stages await players along with 40 different power ups to boost their Bomberman’s attributes still further, meaning players can amend their Bomberman to align specifically to their own unique way of playing this fantastic title.

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