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Release Date: 25 March 2022

Key features:

Grow: SotE is a single-player breathtaking world crafting sandbox with Life Management and Adventure Elements, developed by Prideful Sloth (the acclaimed studio behind Yonder: the Cloud Catcher Chronicles).


“Grow your own Worlds! Bring the Evertree back to life, growing and shaping unique and life vibrant worlds in its branches, and to build a dream town to welcome back its old inhabitants”


A vibrant Unique World to explore and shape.
Innovative World Crafting & World Rejuvenation system.
Unique NPCs to meet and build relationships with.
Build the fable town of your dreams.
Full of secrets and mysteries to discover!




Grow features a fantasy/cute world-building approach, a natural connection with NSW powerful IPs such as Animal Crossing or Astroneer.
Grow targets a wider, mainstream public, in search of games more focusing on the emotional link with the game context than gameplay challenges. Its non-action paced approach makes the game a perfect match for non-coregamer Nintendo public: kids & casual players.
Grow is immersed in an environmental-friendly ambience: the game perfectly matches themes such as ambientalism, nature, Climate change, green culture and movements like Fridays For Future.
Deferred retail launch on Nintendo Switch allows the international marketing to better plant (pun unintended) the IP into its matching niche, growing (…again!) interest over the game. Current focus groups and events have shown that the key game target is keen to show addition to the game mechanics and immersive context.


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