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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (NS)


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Release Date 04 May 2018

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is powering up for the franchise’s debut on Nintendo Switch! The invading Snowmads have locked Donkey Kong Island in a deep freeze, and it’s up to the Kongs to thaw things out!
Join Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong and Funky Kong as they swim, swing, spring and surf through islands packed with hazards, hidden collectibles, and unforgettable boss encounters! Use each character’s unique moves to explore every corner of each island, unearth special items and even hidden exits.
Funky town
Exclusively on Nintendo Switch, enjoy a chill new mode as groovy surfing simian Funky Kong! He can double jump, hover, perform infinite rolls and even perform infinite underwater corkscrews! Thanks to his sturdy surfboard, even spikes can’t slow him down. With this righteous dude, even stages packed with perils can be smooth surfing.
Co-op Kong

Play the whole game by yourself, or partner up with a pal in two-player co-operative mode. Work together as a team and put the Snowmads’ plans on ice!

Donkey Kong has been entertaining gaming fans since 1981 when the original game was released in arcades across the globe. Since then, the series has grown into one of the all-time greats with no less than 20 other titles featuring the great ape.The Donkey Kong Country series was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 and has proved to be a popular spin-off for the character. Now, the incredibly successful Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is coming to Nintendo’s brilliant Switch.

In classic Donkey Kong Country style, the Nintendo Switch version of Tropical Freeze follows the same side-scrolling platforming style of play that the series has become renowned for. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be some Switch-exclusive features however.One of the criticisms of the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U was its particularly steep learning curve that was difficult to master for younger or more inexperienced players. Here, a new ‘beginner-friendly mode’ has been introduced to allow new fans to get used to the unique style of gameplay that Donkey Kong embodies. Beginner-friendly mode will feature Funky Kong and his trademark bandana style. Speaking of Funky Kong, a new mode specifically designed for the Switch, Funky Town, celebrates the return of the surfing ape who has the ability to do double jumps, infinite rolls and hovering. Ideal for newcomers.

Elsewhere, the popular co-operative mode that worked incredibly well on the Wii U makes its return on the Switch, promising hours and hours of monkey business for gamers and their friends. Character wise, players have the ability to choose a range of classic characters including Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong and Dixie Kong who all make their Nintendo Switch debut. Add to this the brilliant graphics and the go-anywhere portability that the Nintendo Switch has to offer gamers, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze promises to be yet another success for Nintendo’s latest console.

Enjoy this funky adventure anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

The game continues on from the side-scrolling platform gameplay of the Donkey Kong Country series and sees Donkey Kong and his friends travelling through six different islands in order to defeat the Snowmads. Controls are similar to the previous game, with the addition of being able to pluck items from the ground and pick up and throw stunned enemies, and various controllers can be used with customizable controls.Like the previous game, players primarily control Donkey Kong who is assisted by a companion, who either provide additional abilities to Donkey Kong, or can be controlled individually by a second player.Along with Diddy Kong, who returns with his barrel jetpack for crossing large gaps, two additional characters are added; Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong. Dixie has the ability to spin her ponytail into a propeller and slowly descend through the air, with an initial boost in height at the start, allowing her and Donkey Kong to fly up out-of-reach platforms or items. Cranky, in a similar mechanic to the DuckTales video game, can use his cane to bounce on dangerous surfaces such as spiky thorns and reach higher areas and defeat certain enemies the other Kongs cannot. Filling up a ‘Kong-POW’ meter allows Donkey Kong and his partner to perform a special move which defeats all on-screen enemies and converts them into items depending on the partner. The Super Guide from the previous game is absent and is replaced by an expanded shop, run by Funky Kong, offering various support items such as temporary invincibility. Like the previous game, each level contains various Kong letters and puzzle pieces, some of which require specific partners to reach, which unlock various bonuses and hidden levels. The Time Attack mode also returns, now featuring online leaderboards, allowing players to view video replays of the top ranked players.



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