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EKSA® E7000 Fenrir Xbox Gaming Headset


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● Real Over Ear Headset
● Exclusive IP Werewolf Image Design
● 120 Degrees Rotatable Microphone
● High-quality 50mm Over-Ear Speakers
● 3.5mm Interface Suitable for 6-1 Platform


Out of stock

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Exclusive IP Design

EKSA E7000 Fenrir Xbox Gaming Headset is designed for gamer, the werewolf image, cool monochrome lighting and unique styling, perfect for any game scenario.

Real Over Ear Gaming Headset

The ear cotton is larger, deeper, and softer, completely enveloping the ear without any feeling of pressure. You won’t get tired after wearing it for 8 hours.

High-Quality 50mm Speakers

The superior 50mm over-ear speakers clearly convey the explosions in the game, the sounds of different levels.

Multi-platform Compatibility

The 3.5mm interface is suitable for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices via audio jack.
Weight 0.500 kg

● Interface Type: 3.5mm cable + USB cable
● Speaker Diameter: 50mm
● Frequency:20Hz-20kHz
● Operating Temperature: -10-55℃
● Overall Dimensions: 200*95*214.5mm
● Rated Power Input: 10mW
● Max Power Input: 20mW
● Sensitivity: 106dB±3dB
● Impedance: 32Ω±15%
● INet Weight: ≈295g