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GiiKER Super Cube i3SE


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APP Guide, restore in 30s
Built-in GiiKER patent CUBE-SYNC? Sync module Connect to APP, sync status,automatically calculate the fastest path and run in real time

* A 90 degree turn of the outer layer of the GiiKER Magic cube is recorded as a single step. The speed of the animation can be set by itself. Solving in 30 seconds is calculated by turning one step per second.
* The GiiKER CUBE-SYNC technology detects the real-time motion data of Magic Cube through the built-in motion sensor and transmits it to the CPU in the middle of the ball axis. In combination with the detection algorithm, it automatically calculates the real-time status of each side of a magic cube and connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, which realizes the synchronization.

Personal Magic Cube Teacher
Download the GiiKER app, connect the cube via bluetooth, automatically generate the real-time guide to solve. * There are a total of 9 courses in APP, each of which can be dealt with in about 10 minutes. The next course can be completed after passing the exam. The normal study time of 8 hours is sufficient.

Mobile magnetic module design
Built-in 48 strong magnets, accurate positioning Comfortable Hand feel, Stronger Rhythm of the Magnetic Suction Intelligent Timing Say goodbye to the traditional timer, the intelligent advanced training mode Capture time, steps,speed and resolution Accurately Help the players to improve their skills scientifically.

Publisher GiiKER

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