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Release Date: 1 Feb 2024

Features :

Engage in real-time combat with a party of four in this character action RPG—choose from a diverse roster of skyfarers, each with their own unique weapons, skills, and combat styles.
Teamwork makes the dream work with party-based mechanics such as Link Attacks and Chain Bursts to help you crush foes in spectacular fashion.
Tackle quests solo or with the help of others for up to 4-player co-op and take down treacherous foes to score rare loot to further enhance your gear.
Every enemy and party formation has its own strengths and weaknesses—the key to victory lies in working out how these pieces fit together.

Day One Edition Contents :

Voucher 1: Day One Bonus: 4 x Sigils: Attack Power III, Regen III, Critical Hit Rate III, Fast Learner III, 10 x Fortitude Shards, 5 x Glitterstone (S), 30 x Mastery Point, Redeemable in console game.
Voucher 2: Granblue Special Item Set: Main Character Outfit “Rebelwear”, One of the following sets: Eternals’ Transcendence Set or Evokers’ Domain Set Redeemable in browser / mobile game

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