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Megadeth ‎– Greatest Hits: Back To The Start (CD, Compilation, DVD, DVD-Video, PAL)


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CD-1 Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
CD-2 In My Darkest Hour
CD-3 Peace Sells
CD-4 Sweating Bullets
CD-5 Angry Again
CD-6 A Tout Le Monde
CD-7 Trust
CD-8 Kill The King
CD-9 Symphony Of Destruction
CD-10 Mechanix (2002 Remix)
CD-11 Train Of Consequences
CD-12 Wake Up Dead
CD-13 Hangar 18
CD-14 Dread And The Fugitive Mind
CD-15 Skin O’ My Teeth
CD-16 She-Wolf
CD-17 Prince Of Darkness
DVD-1 Kill The King (Video)
DVD-2 Prince Of Darkness (Live)
DVD-3 Holy Wars… The Punishment Due (Live)
DVD-4 In My Darkest Hour (Live)
DVD-5 Hangar 18 (Live)
DVD-6 Sweating Bullets (Live)
DVD-7 Symphony Of Destruction (Live)
DVD-8 Peace Sells (Live)

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