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Movie Studios Party (Wii)


Release Date: 21/11/2008

Confront your friends in a real TV Show with loads of fun and see who is the smartest around! Welcome to the new TV Show on Wii!

    TV SHOW PARTY is a convivial party game providing a TV Show atmosphere and great fun for the whole family. The game is adapted from “TV Show King”, a game available on the WiiWare since May 2008 and among the top 3 most popular games on WiiWare in the US and in Europe.
    Perfectly designed to fit with the console’s audience, family and groups of friends of all ages, TV SHOW PARTY allows you to challenge up to 3 others players, to test your general knowledge, and to answer more than 6.000 questions divided in 8 categories by sharing humour and fun with your friends!
    TV SHOW PARTY takes full advantage of the Wiimote controller to make you react as quickly as possible and to immerse you in a special TV atmosphere.

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