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Release Date: 22 Semptember 2023

There and back again
A captain’s work is never done! Return to the strange planet and hunt for precious treasures, using the talents of the Pikmin and your new assistant to lighten the load in Pikmin 2 on Nintendo Switch, an HD version of the Nintendo GameCube classic.

Two’s company
On a quest to pay off the debts of their employer, Captain Olimar and his new assistant Louie head back to the strange planet to recover valuable treasures. Split Olimar and Louie up into separate squads to cover more ground and achieve goals faster – teamwork makes the dream work!

As well as exploring the planet’s surface, you can also now dive underground into challenging caves full of treasure, and dangerous bosses. Defeat them to earn special items that Olimar and Louie can use to expand their repertoire of skills.

Once again, the Pikmin are here to help! By throwing them at a task, they can destroy obstacles, build bridges, recover treasure and defeat creatures. Both Olimar and Louie can command their own teams of Pikmin, so use strategic co-operation to tackle any task.

What’s new?
As well as HD graphics, Pikmin 2 on Nintendo Switch features all of the enhancements included in the NEW PLAY CONTROL! version of the game for Wii, and offers optional motion control using the Joy-Con controllers.

The original local two-player challenge and battle modes are included, allowing you to play with or against a friend in special Challenge Arenas. Pick the commander of your choice, then use your Pikmin to go for a high score!


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