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Purina Gourmet Gold Wet Cat Mousse with Lamb and Exquisite Beans, 24 Cans of 85g Each, Pack of 24 x 85g


In stock


In stock

Brand: Purina Gourmet Gold


  • Complete food for adult cats
  • Keep mousse with meat
  • Accompanied by delicious vegetables
  • Easy opening can
  • Keep your cat in a healthy and slim physical condition

Package Dimensions: 77x278x2350

Details: Product Description

You know that your cat loves Mousse and would like to surprise him with a wider choice of flavors to delight his refined palate. That’s why Gourmet Gold has created Mousse with Vegetables, tasty recipes to spoil your cat, a true connoisseur of Mousse, with a different taste experience at every single meal. Keep mousse with carefully prepared meat or fish and accompanied by delicious vegetables to give your cat the pleasure of a delicate and soft feeling.

Box Contains

Each pack contains 1 x Gourmet Gold Cat Mousse with Lamb and Exquisite Green Beans