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Starlink Pilot Pack Eli


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Release Date 9 November 2018

Levi McCray –
Pilot Ability: Danger Zone. Become temporarily invincible with this daredevil.
Levi McCray is a West Coast daredevil, extreme sports athlete, and internet star. He has no boundaries and always has to be the center of attention. He snuck on board the Equinox back on Earth in search of fame, not realizing how far that choice would take him.

Eli Arborwood –
Pilot Ability: Gunslinger. Blast everything with this marksman and his super-fast reflexes.
Eli Arborwood is a mysterious old Bion who has escaped a violent past by retreating to a simple Prospector life. He’s been around long enough to have seen the truth of what really happened on Atlas. He’s out of retirement now, and his enemies had better watch out.

Kharl Zeon –
Pilot Ability: Vortex Shield. Return enemy fire with this gravity master.
Kharl Zeon is an Expedition scientist who’s happiest at home in the lab. His quick-firing intellect often distracts him from everyday things like social niceties. He harbors a lifelong fascination with the Wardens, and dreams of unlocking their ancient mysteries.

Razor Lemay –
Pilot Ability: Power Chord. Blow enemies away with this maverick rocker.
Play as Razor Lemay, a trained fighter pilot and self-professed metal head, Razor serves as the Equinox’s mechanic and combat tactician. She’s tough, proud, and has no time for nonsense. Her hard-earned discipline keeps the whole team focused.

Publisher: Ubisoft

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