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Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town (Switch)


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Release Date: 10 Semptember 2020

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town was originally released on GBA in 2003, and has been rebuilt from scratch for the Switch, including everything added in More Friends of Mineral Town. It’s the game that brought the series mainstream in the West, and is a sure purchase for fans at a time when nostalgia is a big seller.
• Complete remake: Everything fans loved about the gameplay of the original, but with a completely modern look and improved localization.
• The true farming sim: This is the gameplay which started it all: addictive, engrossing and challenging. Tend to crops, care for livestock, balance the books and of course, find your perfect love match.
• Extra features: Combining both versions of the original with additions that are new to Europe, there’s even more to do and dialogue to experience in a game that already has hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Genre Role Playing Game

Publisher Marvelous

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