Trinity Seven Vol. 5 The Seven Magicians


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Trinity Seven Vol. 5 The Seven Magicians
Kenji Saitou (author), Akinari Nao (artist)
Paperback (24 May 2016)

Publisher’s Synopsis
When the fierce battle with Liese comes to an end, Arata undergoes an unthinkable transformation and begins diligently devoting himself to his studies. And when Lilith catches him at it, she volunteers to be his…private instructor?! Meanwhile, Royal Liber Magic Academy, one of the three great magical academies, mysteriously disappears, and the headmaster temporarily assigns Arata to be the Second Seat in Grimoire Security! Then, Arata is granted a precious reunion; there’s much ado about an outdoor hot spring; and even more fan service ensues in Volume 5 of this romantic comedy and sometimes-serious wizard school story!!

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