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Warrioware Gold (3DS)


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Release Date 27 July 2018

In WarioWare Gold, the player is tasked to complete “microgames”, which are small mini-games that take the player must complete in an extremely short time sequence.
If the player succeeds in a microgame, the game moves onto the next. If the player fails, they lose one of four lives.
If the player runs out of lives, the game ends and the player’s high score is displayed, which is determined by how many microgames were passed. During gameplay, the game will naturally speed up every few microgames.
The microgames featured in Gold return from multiple games in the series, including WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!, WarioWare: Twisted and WarioWare Touched!.
In addition to this, new microgames will be added as well. These microgames involve pressing buttons, tilting the system, touching the touch screen, and blowing on the system’s microphone.
Gold has 300 new and returning microgames, which makes it the largest WarioWare title to date.

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